Uniform Requirements


While our dance classes are virtual, we ask all students to please wear the proper dance attire to class. No jeans will be permitted for any dance class. Your hair should be pulled back and away from the face. No jewelry or gum chewing is permitted during ballet class for safety reasons.​ Ballet and jazz students must wear the proper shoes for those classes. Students who sign-up for Abigail Moves, may wear any loose fitted clothes.

To purchase your dance class uniform go to:  https://www.discountdance.com/search/teacherid:63468?tp=63468


You can also purchase your dance class uniforms at: 

Fancy Dancer 23517-A Nine Mack Dr., St. Clair Shores, MI 4808'



Children's Virtual Ballet Classes

Leotard: Any color leotard 

Tights: Pink convertible tights  

Skirt: Any color wrap ballet skirt 

Shoes: Pink canvas or leather ballet shoes 

Hair: Ponytail, bun or pull back off the face 


Adult Virtual Ballet Classes

Comfortable clothes for movement​

Ballet shoes

Virtual Modern I & II

Leotard: Any color leotard

Tights: black convertible tights or leggings

Shoes: Bare-feet

Hair: Ponytail, bun or pulled back off the face


Virtual Beginner/Intermediate Jazz 

Leotard: Any color leotard

Black Jazz Pants

Shoes: black boots, jazz shoes, or bare-feet

Hair: Ponytail, bun or pulled back off the face


Virtual African Dance

Comfortable loose clothing 

Shoes: Bare-feet

African Lapa skirt optional