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Academic Support 


Mission Statement: to provide engaging individualized support to students who may be struggling in math and reading. 

ASD is a virtual tutoring program. Our objective is to provide high-quality, accessible, and flexible individualized assistance by allowing students to learn strategies and tips for completing homework assignments successfully in a non-threatening atmosphere.

Our core values are:  

Accountability – participation, evaluation, transparency, and feedback. 

Respectful- being polite, and courteous in manner and speech.

Nurturing- encouraging the growth and development of the student.

Integrity- following a set of values, being honest, and taking responsibility.


Our tutoring program reinforces and supports the Common Core values. We offer study techniques, note-taking skills, understanding concepts and skills – why we do a task and how to perform a task, how to use and better understand math formulas, and HOTS (higher order thinking skills). In addition, our team members are motivated, engaged, and committed to assisting students with understanding and comprehending their homework assignments. 


We offer private tutoring with certified teachers and homework help with team members who are knowledgeable in both math and reading. Our virtual math and reading programs are designed to support students ages 7-14 or grades 3-8. Students are required to be able to independently sign into each tutoring session.


Generally, our tutoring program starts the first week of October and ends the first week in June. Parents can select the day and the time that is available for tutoring. 

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